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Equitable Justice for All-

Everyone deserves to come to court knowing that their individual circumstances will be heard with respect and impartiality. Judge Evans considers every side of the story, with the goal of presenting a fair outcome for all involved. He remains committed to accountability, while recognizing the need for rehabilitation in order to address the root causes of recidivism. Judge Evans remains committed to meeting each person where they are at, ensuring that they are granted the right to due process, and rendering compassionate justice in their cases.

Increased Access to Justice-

Judge Evans understands that access to justice is critical to ensuring equitable justice for all. He will work to establish and improve court programs that create flexible hours for working families, provide critical resources to those coming before the courts in need, and promote alternative sentencing for vulnerable populations such as delinquent youth. Judge Evans will work tirelessly to enhance rehabilitative courts to promote a healthy and safe community for all. He recognizes that individuals going through the court system are often re-traumatized by their experiences and strives to create a process that will approach them with sensitivity and compassion.

Committee to Elect Joseph Evans
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